About Doti Overseas

Who we are

Doti Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a premier manpower recruiting agency located in Tilganga, Kathmandu, Nepal. Through all of the years in our service we are proven competent and dedicated to our clients and as a result of that we have been growing at a phenomenal rate every year.  Concurrently, we also gain more referral clients than any other similar agency does. Now, we have decided to go online. In fact, the need to go into web had long been overdue. Through the web project, we believe we would be able to be nearer to our clients and job seekers alike. We also hope that through our website we can produce more fruitful results as we now have no limit in terms of access to our company from anywhere in the world.  Jobseekers looking for opportunities will also find our website informative enough to make their search easier. We have been recognized as the premier recruitment agency and less developed excellent working relationship with major international and national companies.

Thus, we would like to ensure our valued clients that our philosophy is based on the concept of quality and speed which can be best achieved by people with experience in the business.

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Mission

Our mission is to explore the local international job opportunities for Nepalese aspiring career and employment in local and international market.

Our Vision

Create and promote international standard manpower solution for both employee and employer and find the global opportunities for them as per their needs.

Our Goal

  • To meet the demand of quality professionals in international market.
  • To enrich country’s economy through remittance.